SCHLUMBOHM Steam Disinfection Systems

Steam Disinfection Systems

SCHLUMBOHM Medizin-Labor-Technologie-Hamburg GmbH has developed a series of steam disinfection systems of the latest generation, which meet the need for economy, resource conservation and ease of use.
Our devices are equipped with hi-tech solutions that ensure operator safety and achieve the best disinfection results. The close cooperation with customers, the continuous further development with regard to innovations and the latest findings from research have made it possible for us to realize the corresponding requirements in the field of disinfection. We are the partner for customers who are looking for quality, safety, reliability, lower operating costs and process optimization in the area of ​​infection control. When developing our steam disinfection systems, aspects such as safety, hygiene, durability, reliability and the least possible maintenance were taken into account. By using high-quality components from leading manufacturers, we can achieve the best results in the construction of our systems. We harmonize these with aspects of economic efficiency and environmental compatibility.



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