One Off Actions

Delivery, installation, commissioning and training

Care Plan

Maintenance and service 24/7


Process validation according to the recognized guidelines


IQ / OQ / PQ

Spare Parts

Constant stocking of spare parts, consumables, such as cleaning supplies or indicator systems

24 h Emergency Suppression Service / Maintenance

In our capacity as the manufacturer, authorised distributor and customer service, we offer a 24h fault rectification service for the products we distribute that also ensures the shortest reaction times on Sundays and bank holidays.


SCHLUMBOHM Bases Germany
International SCHLUMBOHM Bases

A permanent availability of a point of contact and minimal downtimes should a repair be necessary are not just catchwords as far as we are concerned, this has been reality for more than 45 years.

Our services comprise the:

• delivery, installation, commissioning and training
• maintenance and service
• process validation conform with the recognised guidelines
• IQ/OQ/PQ qualification
• permanent stocking of spare parts, consumables such as cleaning agents or indicator systems

More than 20 service technicians are at your service throughout Germany 365 days per year. The order acceptance and coordination is the central responsibility of our head office in Hamburg.

Why Choose Us?

Over 45 years medical business
Over 2000 satisfied customers
Over 120 employees worldwide


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